Silverlight 4, MEF and MVVM: loading different “MEF Modules” in the same Container

Today I’ve finally found some time to make modifications in the “MEF MVVM” project on Codeplex in order to: create a new module using WCF RIA Services and dynamically load this it inside the “MEF module container” described in the previous post; use the INavigationContentLoader interface and MEF Metadata to share the same container for […]

Windows Phone 7 Multi-Touch Behavior videos #wp7dev

Some time ago I’ve started a Codeplex project dedicated to multi-touch, available on Codeplex at The goal of this project is to provide an unified interface for Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7 in order to provide multi-touch support using a visual approach via the concept of Behavior available in Expression Blend. Recently I […]

Enabling Multi-touch gestures in WPF using Expression Blend 4 RC and the TranslateZoomRotate behavior

I’ve already blogged about adding multi-touch support to Silverlight applications using Blend behaviors (you can also read my italian language article). This is a powerful and simple approach which is now available in WPF using Expression Blend 4 RC and the TranslateZoomRotateBehavior. Let’s try to build a simple example: 1 – Open Expression Blend and […]

Slides and Code from my Silverlight 4 – MEF webcast

Here you can find the sample code and slides (in italian) from my webcast around Silverlight 4 and MEF for the local XEdotNET user group. The samples contain the following topics: Simple composition using the CompositionInitializer; Multiple Exports; Metadata; Custom Attributes; Dynamic object creation with ExportFactory; Simple MVVM example using MEF; MEF, MVVM and PRISM EventAggregator; Dynamic XAP […]

Microsoft Silverlight 4 Business Application Development: Beginners Guide

The new book “Microsoft Silverlight 4 Business Application Development: Beginners Guide” by Cameron Albert and Frank LaVigne is now available: This is the overview taken from the publisher site: An introduction to building enterprise-ready business applications with Silverlight quickly. Get hold of the basic tools and skills needed to get started in Silverlight application development. Integrate different […]

Silverlight 4, MEF and MVVM: MEFModules, Dynamic XAP Loading and Navigation Applications

In the last example I’ve implemented a new “MEF Module” organized with a MVVM approach and using Prism Event Aggregator to exchange messages. This new module could be used to partititon the application in several XAPs composed dynamically at run-time using MEF, the new DeploymentCatalog and the Navigation features available in Silverlight. To start I’ve created […]

Experiments with Multi-touch: A Windows Phone Manipulation sample

I’ve just updated the project on CodePlex to Silverlight 4 RC and added a new sample of multi-touch using Windows Phone 7 manipulation capabilities starting from this how-to available in MSDN – “How to: Handle Manipulation Events” – The modified sample uses an Image to illustrate the possibility to move and scale objects in […]

Multi-Touch enabling Silverlight Simon using Blend behaviors and the Surface sample for Silverlight

I have already blogged about using Blend behaviors to add Multi-Touch gestures and inertia effects to a generic Silverlight user control, so I wanted to use the same approach to add the same behaviors to the CodePlex project Simon. I think that inserting multi-touch manipulation effects to a Silverlight application using Blend behaviors is an elegant way […]

Silverlight 4, MEF and MVVM: EventAggregator, ImportingConstructor and Unit Tests

I had recently the possibility to use MEF and Silverlight in a sample project together with Prism, this is for sure a great combination of frameworks for bulding applications using maintainable and extensible code. I don’t think that using MEF excludes the usage of Prism and vice versa,  the choice should be pondered and analyzed […]

A Silverlight / Expression Blend behavior to add Multi-Touch Manipulation and Inertia

I’ve updated the behavior available in the Expression Community gallery adding Multi-Touch manipulation (translation, rotation and zoom) and inertia effects using code from the Surface Manipulations and Inertia Sample for Microsoft Silverlight. To enable Multi-Touch in your code simply download the behavior from here, add the project “MultiTouch.Behaviors.Silverlight” to a Visual Studio solution and then enable the gestures […]