I’ll be speaking at DDD Reading

I’ve received confirmation that I’ve been accepted at the DDD Reading conference where I’ll be presenting a lightning talk related to HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality and Cognitive Services on 23rd June 2018. I’m thrilled for the opportunity and looking forward to this great event! If you plan to attend just stop by and say Hi […]

I will speak at the DDD Wales 2018 conference

I’m very excited to announce that I will be speaking about HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality and Cognitive Services at the DDD (Developer! Developer! Developer!) Wales 2018 conference in Swansea on 24th March. I’m looking forward to meeting all the community! See you there? ūüôā

I’ve just achieved the MCSD App Builder certification

In the previous days, I’ve received confirmation that I achieved the new certification Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: App Builder¬†–¬†it validates that you have the skills needed to build modern mobile and/or web applications and services. The exams required are fully explained on the certification website: interestingly, the new MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) path is […]

I’m a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer!

In the previous weeks, I subscribed to Xamarin University and attended the 15 mandatory interactive on-line classes for achieving the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification. Today, I took the final exam consisting of 150 questions to be completed in 3 hours and covering topics related to Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Cross-Mobile development and Xamarin.Forms. I’m very proud […]

XAML Behaviors, Windows 10 UWP and Open-Source

I’ve always been a great fan of XAML Behaviors: they help following good coding practices and keeping separation of concerns in your code. Ah, did I also mention that they help to write elegant code? ūüėČ Good news is that XAML Behaviors have been Open-Sourced and are available for download and contributions on GitHub: more […]

NDepend v6 available

Version 6 of NDepend is now available for download from the official site. New features include: enhanced Visual Studio integration; support for¬†Visual Studio 2015; rule files shareable amongst projects; default rules description and HowToFix; default rules less false positives; colored code metric view; intuitive display of code coverage percentage; compiler generated code removal; async support; […]

Cordova Windows Store apps and certificate expired error

I was updating TypedMVVM to the latest Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and Cordova tools¬†(using the new free Community Edition) and trying to deploy the sample to the Windows 8 emulator when I received the following error APPX0108: The certificate specified has expired As pointed here by Microsoft Open Technologies, the certificate available in the […]

TypedMVVM: Samples updated for Apache Cordova

I’ve recently installed the Multi-Device Hybrid Apps template on Visual Studio in order to try out the development of native mobile applications (targeting Android, iOS, Windows Store and Windows Phone) using HTML, CSS and JavaScript using the Apache Cordova framework. As a first example, I decided to reuse all the TypeScript code¬†available in my library […]

Universal Windows Apps, WinJS and TypedMVVM: samples updated to target Windows Phone and Windows Store apps

I’ve just returned from the¬†Build 2014¬†conference in San Francisco where I had the opportunity to¬†attend several interesting sessions about new developments in the Microsoft space. One of¬†the “big news”¬†has been the introduction of the concept of “Universal Windows Apps“, a great way to share code between different platforms including (but not limited to) Windows Phone, […]

NDepend v5.0 available

I’ve just received my copy of NDepend v5.0: this new version adds several great features to the product including Support for Visual Studio 2013 (yeah!) New Dashboard Panel Focusing on Recent Rules violation UI Enhancements Trend Monitoring Churning Rules and Queries Report Enhancements Click here to read a detailed description¬†of the new capabilities and access¬†the […]