Duplex sample updated to Silverlight 4

I was following this thread on the Silverlight forums and was asked to update the Duplex sample to Silverlight 4.

Click here to download the code.

More information about Duplex Services are available here:

Happy Silverlighting!

Silverlight 3 Duplex Wrap-up

I’ve already blogged about the new Silverlight 3 Beta Duplex support here. In these days I’ve found some interesting articles and tips about this topic, so this is a list of links I’ve found useful:

Silverlight 3 Beta Duplex support

I’m testing the updated Duplex support available in Silverlight 3 Beta, the important news is the possibility to simplify and reduce the code in the client:

  • now it’s possible to use the “Add Service Reference” functionality of Visual Studio to consume the service;
  • in this way you the use of channels can be avoided by simply attaching a callback to an event.

I’ve prepared an example based on the material available on the official documentation, download the complete solution from here.

Silverlight, SOAP Headers, WCF and asmx services

As reported by the Web Services Team, Silverlight 2 supports custom SOAP headers.

A good working example can be found here, but it only uses WCF services, what about the “old” asmx ones?

I’ve modified the “SilverlightHeaders” solution to use both WCF and asmx, using OperationContext in the first case and HttpContext in the last, click here to download the complete solution.

Silverlight 2 – Debugging Web Services and HTTP Networking Stack

I have found very useful this article by the Silverlight Web Services Team.

The Silverlight HTTP Networking Stack, WebClient and HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse, cross domain support are discussed here: