Enabling PlayReady support on Xbox One UWP Developer Preview

In the previous days I was trying the recently released Xbox One UWP Developer preview with these samples involving Smooth Streaming / PlayReady and noticed that playback was not working properly on the console with the MediaElement always returning the error MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED – 0x80070005.

As highlighted in this forum post, the following capability must be added to the app manifest in order to enable playback of PlayReady DRM protected content on Xbox One UWP developer preview:

I’ve updated the Smooth Streaming / PlayReady samples and they are now available for download here on GitHub.

Smooth Streaming PlayReady samples for Windows 10 UWP available on GitHub

Lately I have been investigating PlayReady support available in the new Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform and found that the additional SDK necessary for Windows 8.1 Universal apps is not required for UWP since PlayReady Client is now part of the platform as described in this MSDN documentation.

When migrating Windows 8.1 apps to UWP, the key is to change the namespace from Microsoft.Media.PlayReadyClient to Windows.Media.Protection.PlayReady:

I have just pushed two samples on GitHub (C# and JavaScript) which also require the Universal Smooth Streaming SDK.

Silverlight proof points: Smooth Streaming Technology, NBC Online Video Monetization and Highlights Creation for the 2010 Winter Olympics

It’s now available a great technical whitepaper that highlights the usage of Silverlight Smooth streaming technology to stream live and on demand content for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

This Whitepaper goes into the technical details on how NBC in US inserted midstream ads and monetized the online content.

This is a follow on to the 4 case studies that were published in May 2010 on how NBC USA, CTV Canada, France TV, and NRK Norway  have used Silverlight and Smooth Streaming technologies during the Winter Olympics.


The Technical Whitepaper covers the following topics:

A Solution Overview;

Clip Creation and Ad Insertion;

Rough Cut Editor;

Inserting Ads, Ad Templates, Ad Logic;

Ads delivered in VOD;

Monitoring Ads.



Click here to read the article and… Happy Silverlighting!