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    .NET RIA Services: the place to start

    Just a quick shout-out to post a new section of the silverlight.net site which contains all the necessary resources to start with .NET RIA Services: Enjoy Rapid Application Development for Rich Internet Applications (RAD for RIA) in Silverlight!
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    My Twitter Lists

    Twitter has just enabled a new feature named “Lists” which permits to organize in categories the people you are following and make their tweets available to others. In this way it’s very simple to navigate the various subjects, follow the lists created by other people...
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    Silverlight and ViewModel meet F#

    Many MVVM implementations are available on the net, personally I love the approach used by Laurent Bugnion in the MVVM Light toolkit and Michael Sync in the Silverlight MVVM toolkit (Jeremiah Morril have posted a great article about this pattern, don’t forget to read it...
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