IronNails: IronRuby, Silverlight, WPF and Patterns


IronNails is a framework inspired by the Rails and rucola frameworks. It offers a rails-like way of developing applications with IronRuby and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
This framework uses the pattern Model – ViewModel – View – Controller (M-VM-V-C). It should be able to run on both WPF and Silverlight.
The idea is that the views can be created using a design tool like Blend for example and just save that xaml as is. The designer should not need to use anything else than drag and drop to create a GUI design. The behaviors are then added to the view by using predefined behaviors in the framework or by defining your own behavior.
The framework then generates a proxy for the view which will be used to transparently wire up the commands in the behaviors to controller actions.”

NetBeans IDE 6.5 MileStone 1 available

The new release is available for download.

Arun Gupta has posted a nice article on his blog describing the new features:


  • Enhanced Code Completion
  • Database-related code snippets
  • Multiple project configurations
  • Find Usages


  • JavaScript Debugger
  • JavaScript Library Manager
  • Bundled JavaScript Libraries


  • Editor
  • Java SE Project Integration
  • Grails support


  • Javadoc Analyzer
  • Call Hierarchy
  • CamelCase code completion


  • New Multithreaded Debugging Support
  • Debugging Window
  • Current Thread Chooser

Additional enhancements have been made to

  • Web Frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JSF CRUD Generator, JPA)
  • Ruby
  • Database
  • Mobility
  • GUI Builder
  • Web Services
  • Improvements to XML and Schema Tools

CodeGear, Delphi and RIA development

Thanks to this post by Marco Cantù, I’ve found two interesting articles by Justin James about the future of the Embarcadero/CodeGear development environments:


Justin states that “CodeGear’s .NET products are expanding in new directions, which include RIA development and targeting other platforms (through systems such as Mono)”.

Will we be able to write rich internet applications using Delphi and targeting both .NET and Mono platforms?

Some useful resources about Unit Testing, Silverlight and Dynamic Languages

Thanks to WinApse I’ve found these useful resources about Unit Testing and Silverlight:


Some interesting and introductory material about Unit Testing is also available in the following books:


“IronPython in Action” by Michael J. Foord and Christian Muirhead


“IronRuby in Action” by Ivan Porto Carrero