Windows Communication Foundation REST Starter Kit Preview 2 available

The WCF REST Starter kit contains a set of new features that will be added to WCF 4.0 in order to simplify the development of RESTful Windows Communication Foundation Services and Clients.

This new release contains a set of new client-side features such as:

  • a new HttpClient class to send Http requests and process the Http responses;
  • a new “Paste Xml as Type” add-in for Visual Studio to simplify the usage of the serialization capabilities offered by the new HttpClient.


Click here to read more information and download the installation package.

Silverlight 2, REST and WCF

Yi-Lun Luo has posted a great example in the forum about creating RESTful WCF services, click here to read the complete thread.

Useful links:


If you are interested in this subject, I also recommend the reading of this book by John Papa:


WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 1 available on CodePlex

“The WCF REST Starter Kit is a set of features, Visual Studio templates, samples and guidance that enable users to create REST style services using WCF. The CodePlex Preview 1 release provides new features that enable or simplify various aspects of using the http capabilities in WCF, such as caching, security, error handling, help page support, conditional PUT, push style streaming, type based dispatch and semi-structured XML support. The WCF REST Starter Kit also provides Visual Studio templates for creating REST style services such as an Atom feed service, a REST-RPC hybrid service, Resource singleton and collection services and an Atom Publishing Protocol service. In addition, there are samples, documentation and other guidance that help to use these new capabilities.”

More information are available here.