Using the Silverlight for WordPress plugin

As you can see, this blog is powered by WordPress.

Recently Tim Heuer, Juergen Oberngruber and Peter Loebel have created a Silverlight for WordPress plugin which permits to embed Silverlight applications into blog posts.

To use it follow these simple steps:

And this is the Silverlight Toolkit Controls sample running in WordPress and hosted on a LAMP platform:

[silverlight:, 500, 500, ,2.0.31005.0]

More details are available in this post by Tim Heuer.


The Apache Software Foundation welcomes Microsoft as a Platinum Sponsor

From the website: 

“At OSCON, Microsoft announced their Sponsorship of The Apache Software Foundation, joining Google and Yahoo! at Platinum level. The generous contributions by Sponsoring organizations and individuals help offset the day-to-day operating expenses to advance the work of The ASF.”

More information by Sam Ramji can be found here.

NetBeans IDE 6.5 MileStone 1 available

The new release is available for download.

Arun Gupta has posted a nice article on his blog describing the new features:


  • Enhanced Code Completion
  • Database-related code snippets
  • Multiple project configurations
  • Find Usages


  • JavaScript Debugger
  • JavaScript Library Manager
  • Bundled JavaScript Libraries


  • Editor
  • Java SE Project Integration
  • Grails support


  • Javadoc Analyzer
  • Call Hierarchy
  • CamelCase code completion


  • New Multithreaded Debugging Support
  • Debugging Window
  • Current Thread Chooser

Additional enhancements have been made to

  • Web Frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JSF CRUD Generator, JPA)
  • Ruby
  • Database
  • Mobility
  • GUI Builder
  • Web Services
  • Improvements to XML and Schema Tools