CodeGear, Delphi and RIA development

Thanks to this post by Marco Cantù, I’ve found two interesting articles by Justin James about the future of the Embarcadero/CodeGear development environments:


Justin states that “CodeGear’s .NET products are expanding in new directions, which include RIA development and targeting other platforms (through systems such as Mono)”.

Will we be able to write rich internet applications using Delphi and targeting both .NET and Mono platforms?

Silverlight 2 and Duplex-Services deployed to IIS7

I’ve prepared this Silverlight 2 Beta 2 solution based on the example described in the official documentation.

You can try it just following these simple steps:

  • open the solution using Visual Studio 2008;
  • deploy the Wcf Service “DuplexService” to http://localhost/DuplexService;
  • copy the included crossdomain.xml and clientaccesspolicy.xml in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\;
  • run the project “DuplexClientWeb” from within Visual Studio or deploy it to IIS.


Continuous LINQ (CLINQ) v1.1.0.0 released

“Continuous LINQ is a .NET Framework 3.5 extension that builds on the LINQ query syntax to create continuous, self-updating result sets. ”

In this article, Kevin Hoffman describes the new functionalities introduced, in particular the possibility to use some aggregate functions such as Average, Min, Max, Sum, StandardDeviation, Sum.

Check out CodePlex to download CLINQ source code and a great WPF demo with data binding and charting capabilities.