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    Programming .NET 3.5 by Jesse Liberty and Alex Horovitz

    In these days I’m expanding my knowledge reading some great (and enjoyable) books. Programming .NET 3.5 by Jesse Liberty and Alex Horovitz is one of my favourites: it gives you the “big picture” of the various technologies included in this release of the framework: N-tier applications, WPF, WCF,...
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    Parallel programming with .NET: June 2008 CTP of Extensions

    It’s available for download the June 2008 CTP of Parallel Extensions for .NET. In the package I’ve found several great examples about: Blending images; Ray Tracing using Parallel LINQ (PLINQ); A parallel implementation of the Sudoku game; Mandelbrot Fractals; Several PLINQ and TPL (Task Parallel...
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    Continuous LINQ (CLINQ) v1.1.0.0 released

    “Continuous LINQ is a .NET Framework 3.5 extension that builds on the LINQ query syntax to create continuous, self-updating result sets. ” In this article, Kevin Hoffman describes the new functionalities introduced, in particular the possibility to use some aggregate functions such as Average, Min, Max,...
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