Silverlight 3 Beta Duplex support

I’m testing the updated Duplex support available in Silverlight 3 Beta, the important news is the possibility to simplify and reduce the code in the client:

  • now it’s possible to use the “Add Service Reference” functionality of Visual Studio to consume the service;
  • in this way you the use of channels can be avoided by simply attaching a callback to an event.


I’ve prepared an example based on the material available on the official documentation, download the complete solution from here.

6 thoughts on “Silverlight 3 Beta Duplex support

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  4. @Michael: you can add a “Silverlight enabled WCF service” to the web site project which hosts your Silverlight application, and then call your “Windows Services” from it.
    For more details check out the “Accessing web services with Silverlight” forums on and the section “Get Started” of the same site for SL/WCF samples.

    Hope this helps!

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