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    If you obtain this error using WCF, IIS7, LINQ to SQL on Windows 7, read this thread:



    1. george says:

      Thanks man, it was very useful!

    2. Luis says:

      thanks!!!!!! hours looking for a solution and turned out so simple :)

    3. Nguyen Hai Duong from Viet Nam says:

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    5. Haneef Abudulai says:

      Thanks a mill, bee battling with this for awhile now. That link helped, even thou it ain’t english :)

      Thanks :)

    6. mERGER says:

      Thanks!!!! I have been debugging for 2 days now! This solved it!

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    8. Sumit thapar says:

      Hey Thanks a lot man really really helpful

    9. CDTRIX says:

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    10. NicMartel says:

      Did not work for me.

      Error: Cannot open database “MyDB.mdf” requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user ‘IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool’.

      If I change the DefaultPool Identity to LocalSystem
      Error: Cannot open database “MYDB.mdf” requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM’.

    11. Mallikarjun says:

      thank u
      it really wrks
      please change the language so that it can be understood by all the viewers.

    12. Webliya says:

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      it works.

    13. zym says:

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    14. pebuardi says:

      Thanks a lot.. It’s really solve my problem..

    15. While this may work, it causes a large security vulnerability. IIS worker processes should not have the access that the Local System account grants.

    16. Manoj says:

      when i try to open website in browser using IIS 7 in window 7 i faced the error loke “Login Feaild IIS APPPOOL/MyWebSite” and my database string pass in web reference dll so how can i solved it.
      please help me

    17. Shoh says:

      Worked for me

    18. NT says:

      GENIUS! Thank you for the info… it saved me hours of wasting time trying to do it on my own.

    19. blackblist says:

      Thanks !
      i have solved my problem !

    20. samuelanre says:

      thanks so much. spent a whole night figuring what could be wrong.

    21. Rema says:

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    22. ThanhPhong says:

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    23. Rajesh says:


      This information was very helpful. Things are working like charm

    24. Carla says:

      is there a way i can view this in english…sigh

    25. fahad says:

      Thanks dude it was useful!!!

    26. MikeM says:

      If you do it that way, you are not leveraging the new security features of IIS.

      I think the correct way to do this is to add an SQL login for IIS “APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool”.

      The reason MS stopped using NETWORK SERVICE or LOCAL SYSTEM is that there can be security issues between processes sharing the same account.

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    28. Thulani Mathenjwa says:

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    29. sarvin says:

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    30. Sheryar Nizar says:

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    31. Nikos says:

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    32. N says:

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    34. Freddie de Beer says:

      Sure works!! Thanks man saved me time and debugging effort!!

    35. Donald Carl Kanyenda says:

      I had the Same problem but got the solution from this link


      hope u enjoying your coding

      Donald carl Kanyenda

    36. Anil says:

      Fantastic… Worked for me… Thanks a lot…

    37. Koen says:

      Super Thanks, after 1 week a solution that works in 10 seconds

    38. catherine says:

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    39. sri says:

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    42. Hamed says:

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    45. 1 says:

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