Unity: “Failed to initialize unity graphics” error

Today, I launched Unity for some HoloLens and Mixed Reality dev and received the following error:

After some research, I verified the latest graphic drivers were available in my machine and ran a dxdiag to check that all the DirectX features were enabled:

Then, I searched for command line arguments on the official documentation and modified the launch link as below:

And this last step allowed me to run again Unity in my machine:

3 thoughts on “Unity: “Failed to initialize unity graphics” error”

  1. hello I have tried what you wrote and it enabled me to open unity ( finally ) but do I have to use this method each time I want to open the program ? Do you have any idea why it won’t open normally??

  2. Hi,
    The error is not happening anymore after I reset my machine. No idea why Unity was not opening normally.
    All good now for me using Unity 2017.2.1.

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