I’ve just achieved the MCSD App Builder certification

In the previous days, I’ve received confirmation that I achieved the new certification

MCSD App Builder-logo-Blk

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: App Builder  it validates that you have the skills needed to build modern mobile and/or web applications and services.

The exams required are fully explained on the certification website: interestingly, the new MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) path is now a mandatory step for earning the MCSD and can be chosen between Web Applications and Universal Windows Platform.

valuable post in the “Born to Learn” site describes the changes and the transition options available from the existing MCSD.

The new certifications will not have an expiry date, and there will be the possibility to re-earn them by passing every year an additional exam taken from a list of electives.


4 thoughts on “I’ve just achieved the MCSD App Builder certification”

  1. Hi Sachin,

    My recommendation would be to check the certification planner inside your MCP profile on mcp.microsoft.com to verify you can take 70-483 instead of 70-480 as requirement for MCSA Web Application.

    As of today, the certification planner for my profile confirms that it’s possible to take 70-483 or 70-480 for MCSA Web Apps.

    Hope this helps,

  2. I provide SharePoint support to my company- on many different levels- from creating infopath forms to custom workflows. I am interested in the MCSD path; however, I am afraid to have my company spend the money on a boot camp if I don’t have the required pre-requisites. I have taken Java programming (but it was a long time ago). I am pretty good at googling what I am trying to do, and re-using or understanding someone’s solution; but I don’t sit down and write code from start to finish. Do you think the courses would be enough to prepare me for the test? Or would I be better off going a different route?

  3. Hi Amber,
    I would personally recommend finding some time going through the exam objectives and write code and explore the samples available in docs.microsoft.com as the exams require practical experience. In my case, I used a mixture of personal experience, the official documentation and practice tests available here https://www.measureup.com/default.aspx (very valuable as the answers also contain links to online resources needed to improve the knowledge).
    Good luck with your MCSD!

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