Microsoft Surface Manipulations and Inertia Sample for Silverlight available for download

Just to point out this [awesome!] download available from the Microsoft Surface team, intended only for educational purposes.

From the main site:

"Multitouch support in Windows 7 allows applications to blur the lines between computers and the real world. Touch-optimized applications entice users to touch the objects on the screen, drag them across the screen, rotate and resize them, and flick them across the screen by using their fingers. The manipulations and inertia processor classes allow graphical user interface (GUI) components to move in a natural and intuitive way. Manipulations enable users to move, rotate, and resize components by using their fingers. Inertia enables users to move components by applying forces on the components, such as flicking the component across the screen. The contents of this sample are covered by the Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 SP1 license agreement, with any additional restrictions noted in the Readme file. The purpose of this download is educational use only and is made available "as-is" without support."

Thanks to Jesse Bishop and SilverlightShow for the link!

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