Delphi Prism: a plug-in for Visual Studio

As referenced by Delphi product manager Nick Hodges at SDN in Netherlands,  this new project will enable developers to use the Delphi language for building .NET 3.5 applications with technologies like WinForms, WFP, Silverlight, ASP.NET, WCF, LINQ.

More details can be found on the Marco Cantù’s blog.

Delphi.NET plans: an open approach to Silverlight, WPF and RIAs

Michael Swindell, head of Embarcadero product management, has announced great news about the future of Delphi:

“Today things like supporting more of the .NET framework flavors (Silverlight, WPF, etc) and keeping up with the latest language and framework releases is of much higher importance.”

Click here to read the complete post on Marco Cantù’s blog.

CodeGear, Delphi and RIA development

Thanks to this post by Marco Cantù, I’ve found two interesting articles by Justin James about the future of the Embarcadero/CodeGear development environments:


Justin states that “CodeGear’s .NET products are expanding in new directions, which include RIA development and targeting other platforms (through systems such as Mono)”.

Will we be able to write rich internet applications using Delphi and targeting both .NET and Mono platforms?

Technical Resources for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

This article, by Nick Hodges, illustrates some useful resources (videos, documentation, technical informations) about CodeGear RAD Studio 2007, Delphi 2007 for Win32 and C++ Builder 2007.

I have found very interesting the following videos: